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     As generator specialists, Team Chase Generators recognizes the importance of the functioning of your emergency generator. Your emergency generator will not provide any value unless it starts up and reaches its full output when you need it to.

      Team Chase provides comprehensive and cost effective generator power reliability through our Twenty-Three Point Maintenance checklist. You can count on our trained and certified technicians for expert service, troubleshooting, quality parts, and power systems support. 

      There are still a number of customers who overlook the need to perform preventative maintenance on their generator systems. Even those clients that do keep up with the preventive maintenance will often overlook the minor things, such as; starting batteries and checking the automatic transfer switch, also know as the ATS. As a company that revolves around customer satisfaction we aim to prevent this neglect.


      Team Chase Generators can provide maintenance, emergency service and maintenance inspections to ensure your generator will be up and running without any problems during a power outage. 

      Our general maintenance includes: starting of batteries, checking the ATS, generator end, waveform quality and digital controls.

      We are proud to say that our technicians are dedicated to their work. They reach out to provide the most outstanding service to all of our clients. We strongly believe in equal opportunity. In addition to being such hard workers, our technicians are also licensed and certified. All of our services meet government standards.


Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is important in maintaining the proper functioning of your generator. Hundreds of mechanical and electrical parts to work in rhythm in order to provide the proper functioning.

By regularly maintaining it, you can add a lot of time onto the life of your generator. Up to a year or more!

By properly maintaining your generator, it is said that your warranty will be worth more as well and by not properly maintaining your generator, you give the warranty provider a right to void your warranty at any time without notice.

You can also avoid costly repairs in the future if you maintain your generator.

We have devised a 23 part inspection list that is performed during each scheduled preventative maintenance. We can also change this around to fit your individual needs as well.

 You will be provided with a copy of this check list upon completion. Please contact us if you would like a sample of this checklist or if you would like more details.                           


Emergency Dispatch


Team Chase provides emergency on-call dispatch service for situations that may require immediate action and for customers who need assistance for services that may need to be done during off hours. Please dial our office at (203)828-6010. If it is after hours please let the answering service know that it is an emergency. You can also call our emergency line at (203)650-1072.

Single or Multiple Maintenance Agreements

You may customize your generator service agreement to include quarterly, semi-annual, and annual maintenance frequency options. Although you have these options, we do not require any signed contracts. You may change your plan around at any time at your convenience. We are here to serve you.


Spare Parts


Team Chase works closely with a facility that carries an extensive parts inventory. This allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to our customer’s needs. This means no waiting weeks or months like with some other companies. We are strongly committed to the obligations we have to our valued customers to keep their power up, uninterrupted, and reliable.

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